Three Exercises to Jump Higher

Be careful with what you read, and if something doesn’t sound right or feel right, you should probably avoid it. One of the best things to do is check with your coach, trainer or chiropractor to make sure that the exercise isn’t stressing the muscles too much. The most important thing is that you are able to stay in the game until you are very old. Pushing your body too far will keep that from happening. But – on to the exercises!

The first of the exercises to jump higher is a strength training exercise. Working your calves in the gym on the bench is the best and quickest way to see huge improvements in your calves. If you have taken your legs to the next level of weight lifting, then you will be packing serious power. You will see improvements within the first couple of weeks. If you haven’t been working your calves in the gym, then it is important to start immediately. Ease into the amount you feel comfortable working with. Don’t try to do too much on your first day. The point is to avoid injury while improving your body.


The next of the exercises to jump higher involves going to the court. You simply run down the court and try to jump and touch the rim. This is something that many professionals have been doing for some time. They work at it until they can touch the rim with consistency. This is the cheapest of the exercises as it only needs you to get to a basketball court. It will also help keep your stamina high as you have to run before jumping. If you want to add some extra stamina training to the process, run from one side of the court to the other when trying to jump to the rim.

The final exercise that many people find works best is the most technical of the exercises to jump higher. This exercise relies on a special technology known as “strength shoes” to help you improve the quality of your jump. You will wear shoes that have a special platform under the toe. This platform will put stress on your calves, strengthening them. Wearing them as much as you can will change the dynamic of your body and put super strength into your calves. Once you have adapted to the new posture, you will find that your calves can explode with strength, launching you to the moon. But we don’t need to jump that high – just to the rim.

With all the exercises to jump higher, you should be careful and cautious. There is no benefit to getting yourself injured while you are working on improving your game. Be careful and constantly strive to improve. You will find that there are a lot of ways you can do this if you just work at it constantly. The exercises to jump higher are often inexpensive and easy to work with.


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