Why Jumping Higher is Good for All Sports

If you are wondering why jumping higher is good for all sports, then you must not be a true sports nut! Anyone who has been watching or playing sports for a huge part of their life will know just how important it is for every athlete to jump higher than the competition. This article will demonstrate three scenarios across three different sports that prove the point. It really is true that jumping higher is good for all sports.

The first scenario is going to deal with the sport that most obviously benefits from a high jump: kayaking. Just kidding! That probably got a good laugh from you. The sport that benefits the most is basketball. It’s obvious that being able to jump higher than your competitor really is important. You want to make sure you are able to get to the hoop and prevent him from dunking. Being able to swat the ball from your opponents hand as he heads up for a dunk is the ultimate coup de gras in basketball. But you also need to jump to block many of the other shots and to be able to slam your own dunks. If your opponent can’t jump higher than you, how is he going to block you from bringing the rock?

The sport that doesn’t obviously benefit from this is basketball. Few basketball players wonder why jumping higher is good for all sports, because they rarely need to worry about their vertical leap. But if you are running to catch a ball, and you can leap up to catch it, then it can be pretty easy to do it if you have been working on jumping higher. But if you never focused on this aspect of your training, then you are going to have a bit of a difficult time getting airborne to catch that potential home run. Some of the most amazing moments in baseball took place when an athlete leaped high into the air to catch a ball that was destined for the stands.

Another sport that benefits tremendously from being able to jump higher is American football. This sport is another one that isn’t so obviously benefitted by being able to jump higher in the air. Many people think that you need to be able to run fast, be strong, and throw far. But what if you are running to catch the ball and you need to leap over your opponent to do so? The images that come to mind of football players leaping into the air to catch the ball are some of the grandest we can imagine.

So do you now see why jumping higher is good for all sports? Tennis could even benefit from a better vertical leap – just think about it. Why jumping higher is good for all sports is a question that doesn’t require any debate. A couple moments thinking about it and we are all on the same page. It’s just not something that people seriously wonder about. Why jumping higher is good for all sports is a no brainer.

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