When I was growing up playing basketball all we wanted to do was slam the ball! I remember the freak kids who were dunking in 8th grade and were shorting them me and wanting to know why! I remember barely being able to get the rim, then eventually dunking one of those mini balls with ease.

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Then I remember the day I actually slam dunked a real basketball! It was the summer after my sophomore year. I was helping my coach with a basketball camp and I remember all the middle school kids telling us to dunk it… dunk it… My one buddy Rob could dunk, but alas I could not. They were like c’mon Chris dunk it! So I said why not try and sure enough I went to the hoop and bamm… I dunked it. Everyone went nuts and it was the coolest thing ever. I guess it was the pressure and adrenaline rush of all the kids sitting their watching, but from that day on I knew I could dunk and I would be obsessed with increasing my vertical!

I put together this blog to show tips and tricks on how to hop higher even on day one. I truth there are a lot of mechanics involved, from as simple as what leg are you jumping off of and what hand are you using to dunk. Ways to throw your knee up to give you more momentum and even tips on how to build hand strength so you can palm a basketball.

Stick around for some awesome free tips on how to get mad hops and slam dunk a basketball!

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